New Arricam LT Package 3 perf + 4 perf on request


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1 x New Arricam LT 3perf. with Lite Universal Viewfinder
1 x New 3p HDTV S35 1.78 ANSI Mask
1 x Neu 3p HDTV Safe S35 ANSI Ground Glass
1 x New Frame Glow Mask
1 x New HD IVS LT
1 x New Lens Data Box
1 x New Accessory power Box
1 x New Lite Camera Handle
1 x Neu 4perf. Control Unit
1 x Arricam Anamorphic Extension
1 x EL-3 Eyepiece Leveller
1 x HE-3 + Cable KC63-SP
2 x Batterycable KC-29SP
1 x side Handheld
1 x Case LT
1 x Arricam Universal Low Mode Set with 100% Videotop
1 x Arricam Shoulder Set
1 x Lite Shoulder Pad 2
1 x Shoulder Pad
4 x 120m Lite Steadicam Magazines
2 x Cases for Mags
1 x Studio Mag to Lite Camera Adapter

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